Parts for the Backbone and Outer Shell
of your Snowmobile

Experience tells us that your snowmobile’s chassis is prone to extreme operating conditions. When we are having the most fun, extreme conditions can damage critical body and tunnel components. SP1 bumpers, assorted braces, and supports will help prevent or repair such damage when it occurs.

We Offer
  • Bumpers
  • Hitch Kits
  • Hood Straps & Latches
  • Tunnel Braces
Our Top Body/Tunnel Parts

Our most requested Body/Tunnel parts are featured here. These parts are all very useful and can enhance your snowmobiling experience to be better than ever before.

Hitch Kit
Snow Flaps
All Body/Tunnel

Below is a full list of everything we offer in this category. As you can see, we provide a wide array of Body/Tunnel parts for your snowmobiling adventures.

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